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We will be live streaming classes at noon and 6pm Monday-Saturday at

This Week’s Projects:

Monday 4/6:

Crystal corona Pendant at 12pm and Empire State Necklace at 6pm

Supply list:

Crystal Corona Pendant:                                           Empire State Pendant:

24 or 26 ga wire, 5 feet                                            18 or 16 ga wire, approx. 18 inches

3-4mm beads, approx 3 inches worth                  14-18 inches chain, clasp

16-18 inches chain, clasp


round nose pliers

chain nose pliers

wire cutters


bench block

1 inch dowel or other cylindrical object

2 inch dowel or other cylindrical object


Tuesday (4/7)

All Tied Up Bracelet Part 1 at 12pm and Part 2 at 6pm

Supply list:

All Tied Up Bracelet:

100 4mm beads or size 6 seed beads

leather, approx 6 feet

3 ply linen or other thin cord, 12 feet (you must be able to string your beads onto this cord)

button (for closure)

*****please pre-string your 4mm beads onto your linen or other cord prior to the beginning of the tutorial.  DO NOT trim your cord, you will need the full length to complete the project!



glue or clear nail polish


Wednesday (4/8)

Stacking Wire Rings at 12pm and Chain of Tears at 6pm

Tune in to Facebook at 7pm for a live merchandise sale!

Supply list:

Stacking Wire Rings:                                                       Chain of Tears:

24 or 26 ga wire, 1 foot per ring                          Top Drilled Teardrop Beads, at least 5

3-4mm beads, 5 per ring                                       16-18 inches chain, clasp

26 ga wire, approximately 3 feet



round nose pliers

chain nose pliers

wire cutters

ring mandrel or cylindrical object


Thursday (4/9)

Hammered Stacking Cuffs at 12pm and Anemone Ring at 6pm!

Supply list:

Hammered Stacking Cuffs:                                     Anemone Ring:

12 ga bronze wire, 24 inches                                   14 ga sterling wire, 3 inches

purchase a class kit here                                          18 ga sterling wire, 12 inches

gemstone or bead, approx 6-12mm

purchase a class kit here



round nose pliers

chain nose pliers

wire cutters

hammer                                                                         torch

bench block                                                                   soldering surface

steel bracelet mandrel                                                ring mandrel or cylindrical object

pickle, pickle pot

steel wool


Friday (4/10)

Cascading Kumihimo Bracelet, Part 1 at 12pm and Part 2 at 6pm



Supply List:


Cascading Kumihimo Bracelet

leather or cord (1.5mm thick), 12 feet

Large hole beads, 8




Kumihimo Disc


FAQ about our streaming classes:

  • Do I need to download the Twitch app to view your classes?  No!  You can click on the link above and view the classes on your phone, tablet, or computer.  Previous class videos are also available for two weeks!
  • Do I need to create a Twitch account to view your classes?  No!  You will need to create an account if you would like to participate in the class chat but an account is not required for viewing.
  • Where can I find information about upcoming classes?  Information on current and upcoming classes will always be available at
  • How can I purchase supplies?  Materials and kits will be available at soon!


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