September 22, 2019 - 1 pm

Come GAB with us! Stop and stay a while for some Guided and Assisted Beading. Bring in any problem and we will help you solve it! Whether you have design questions, technique questions, or just want to sit and chat while you work, this is the day for you. GAB is FREE and runs all day (1pm-6pm), so come whenever you like! If you want us to save you a seat, call us at 214-366-1112 or email us at to let us know you’re coming.

Three Sunday afternoons every year, we combine our GAB Sunday with our Post-Show Preview Pricing Party. Donate an hour or two of time to help us price the new merchandise from our shopping trip to the Tucson gem shows and get first chance to see (and buy!) the new goodies! All helpers get double points for any purchases made today.